We are dedicated to enhancing your image.

Our main focus is in creating websites that bring you customers. Through highly effective design, authoring and technical implementation, we make your online presence outsine and outperform that of your competition.


Priority Marketing provides website hosting with full service at highly competitive cost. There is no nickel and diming. Our hosting packages come with all necessary resources for one low price.


Our website creation is done completely with your company in mind. We tailor our creations so that they effectively work and bring you results.  Custom program development allows your website to perform specific tasks that are necessary for your business to function perfectly.


Looking to rank high in Google? Our SEO services will get your website ranked highly in Williams Lake, BC, Canada or globally.

A True Devotion to Creating Great Websites

There are many steps towards creating engaging and informative websites.  Read below to learn about what we do foe you.

Get a Great Domain Name

A great domain name is both one that is easily recognizable as well as easily remembered.  Your domain name is your first connection to your customer.  Priority marketing can help you get the best name for your needs.

Collect Your Information

Collect all of the information that you will want on your website.  Make sure that you provide as much detail about your business and offerings prior to starting any actual design process with Priority Marketing.  The hardest thing is when a customer says  “make me a website” but offers no clues as to the direction the site will take, what it will offer or what the site is supposed to accomplish.

Images for Your Website

Having your images for your website products and services is very important.  Just copying images from Google is not only totally illegal, but it does not reflect your business at all.  If you do not have access to a camera or photographer, Priority Marketing can offer their photography services or find great stock photos for you that are professionally created and licensed for your website use.

Decide if you will Sell Online

If you intend to sell your products and services online you will need to create a listing of those items or export them from your accounting programs for use in an online database.  Priority Marketing can help you collect that data should you need it done.  Payment processing can be done in many ways.  Let us help you decide which way is best.

Decide if you want to Update the Website Yourself

Doing your own website editing as time goes on may sound like an easy task that you might want to control.  In reality most people find it not something they have time for.  Is your business doing website maintenance or doing “your business”?  Priority Marketing offers simple, affordable solutions to ensuring that your website stays current and accurate.

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Are you ready for a consultation?

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Pricing Plans

Bronze Plan


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Silver Plan


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Gold Plan


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Platinum Plan


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Top Quality SEO

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Basic Traffic


High Traffic


Super Traffic


Extreme Traffic

Why You Should Choose Us

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Transforming Your Online Presence

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